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This case is the tip of the iceberg of a slow motion and virtual genocide in progress. (6-21-2007)At this time radiation directed from satellites are making homes, schools, offices, courts, churches, and even vehicles virtual microwave ovens. This case brings conclusive evidence showing how under the excuse of a domestic surveillance program, this Administration is using harmful technologies to commit crimes against humanity. This case brings conclusive evidence showing how this Administration has influenced federal courts to discredit as delusional, cases of electronic surveillance in order to conceal the fact that these technologies are in use for repression of those who denounce injustice. That is the main reason the President of the United States and the Governor of Texas should be compelled make a full disclosure of the radiation technologies used for electronic surveillance before Congress legalizes domestic spy surveillance programs.Exhibit "1", (attached), is conclusive evidence of an electronic aggression in progress, and shows some of the physical harm, swelling, pain, and suffering caused on my children my in-laws and on myself by radiation directed by satellite as retaliation for complaining of racial discrimination and fraud of federal funds against prominency. (Exhibit "1", Jesus Mendoza Maldonado v Keith Alexander et al, Supreme Court of the United States Case No. 06-9569. If the electronic torture continues undeterred against those who are actively denouncing the electronic aggressions, imagine the harm inflicted on unsuspecting victims.Please ask your federal and State legislators to make an investigation on this case, and to provide an explanation in writing to this case. Legislators have an obligation to tell you the truth. The question is whether congress can investigate when there is evidence of collusion on the federal courts to violate civil rights. Please share this information with others, so they can do the same. This in turn could spare lives and pain and suffering to innocent victims. Do not allow apathy, skepticism, or indifference make you another victim of these terrifying technologies.


At this time, government technicians, and surveillance contractors operating from secret locations are using satellite surveillance to observe and record even the most intimate activities of individuals. Satellite radiation surveillance technologies reserved otherwise for the military requires the bouncing of silent and invisible harmful radiation form the target's body to retrieve on a video screen, activity even inside walls or on a moving vehicle. Satellite surveillance uses global positioning radar, and technologies similar to the technology employed to remove kidney stones without surgery. Invisible laser beams are bounced from the target, and back to the satellites from different angles. However the concentration of radiation on a person, home or vehicle is harmful per se and can have deadly effects.This case demonstrates that these terrifying technologies are in use by hate to commit perfect crimes. This case demonstrates that there are no safeguards in place to impede that the same mentality that tortured, maimed, and murdered women and children in concentration camps, use this technology to harm people in homes, vehicles, schools, courts, hospitals, and even congregations.An electronic aggression can come from within the neighborhood, and there is nothing in place to prevent that neighbors use radiation as a weapon against each other. According to experts. simple modifications to existing technologies can make out of a microwave oven, or laser gun an electronic weapon that can be used to torture to death unsuspected victims. Local authorities are not equipped to detect this type of assault. However, the governor of Texas has declared his intention to legalize electronic surveillance programs similar to those employed by federal agencies, and does not deny the fact that radiation surveillance is already in use by Texas agencies.


An electronic aggression is very difficult to detect. Even after years of satellite targeting, a victim may not realize that her maladies are the result of an electronic assault. An electronic aggression is silent, invisible, and the physical harm can be attribute to natural causes. Even on the face of solid evidence showing that an electronic aggression is in progress, most people refuse to consider the possibility that this technology exists and that it is in use to torture to death unsuspected victims. On some cases, even dying victims are reluctant to believe that they are being tortured to death by satellites bouncing invisible radiation from their bodies. Those who have realized the electronic assault have been deemed delusional and have been unable to defend themselves.Exposure to directed radiation can cause pain, swelling of vital organs, and other maladies that can be blamed to weight gain, aging, or other natural causes. Even low intensity directed radiation can impair a specific vital organ, or weak the immune system to cause what may appear allergies or chronic flu symptoms or predispose internal bleeding, headaches, visual, memory, concentration, breathing and speech impairments, diarrhea, convulsions, seizures, irregular blood pressure and heart beat, heart attacks, cancer, birth and development defects, crib death syndrome, brain hemorrhage, autism, and nerve damage.Apart from gathering information, satellite surveillance is used to study the reactions of people when exposed to different intensities of directed radiation, to strategically exploit human strengths and weaknesses, in order to manipulate behavior and decision making, to disrupt relationships, to impair intellectual and physical abilities, and even to lead an unsuspected victim to acts of self-destruction. Directed radiation can strategically cause on the target or on bystanders, among other things, hyperactivity, sleep deprivation, fatigue, lethargy, apathy, mood swings, anxiety, irritability, and rage. These reactions can be used to strategically cause accidents, disrupt family, and business relationships, to inhibit worshiping in selected congregations, to disrupt sport competition, to inhibit voting in strategic areas. An electronic aggression can explain bizarre cases of family violence, road rage, unexpected aggressions by animals, unexplained deaths and suicides, death of immigrants by overexposure, strategic disruption of electronic equipment, cases of food and water poisoning, voter apathy in selected areas, and even health impairment of elected officials to gain legislative majorities.


Lack of information on the use and abuse of these terrifying technologies. At this time the president of the United States insists that he can be trusted to use secret technologies to spy on Americans, without disclosing these activities to Congress.The US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, does not deny the use of harmful radiation for surveillance and claims that directing harmful radiation into residences is legal. In effort to avoid responsibility for the harm caused by this harmful technology, the US Attorney General has delegated approval of radiation surveillance on Americans to the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Court a secret court. However, given conclusive evidence on the federal record showing how this Administration has influenced with impunity courts of public record to conceal the use of harmful radiation on Americans, relying on a secret court to approve the use of this harmful technologies, gives the President of the United States a blank check to commit crimes against humanity.The following line of cases provides conclusive evidence on the federal record showing how this Administration has influenced federal courts to discredit cases of domestic spy programs to conceal the fact that electronic surveillance is used for repression of those who complain of injustice.In a case challenging the legality of domestic spy programs filed in Chicago, Illinois, US District Judge Matthew Kennelly claimed receiving ex-parte communications from NSA Director Keith Alexander and from National Intelligence Agency Director John Negroponte, before dismissing the case. Terkel v NSA CiteIn Jesus Mendoza Maldonado v. The Thomas M. Cooley Law School, et al, Case M-99-77, U.S. Magistrate Judge Dorina Ramos transferred the case from Mcallen, Texas to the State of Michigan, despite of conclusive evidence showing the harm caused o myself by an electronic aggression that agents of the law school had incited as retaliation for denouncing racial discrimination. Judge Ramos disregarded conclusive evidence of the law school fraudulent activities within the state of Texas and the false statements made by the law school to transfer the case and to imply that I am delusional.The litigation in the State of Michigan established the fact that the law school operated a scheme to deprive minorities of the opportunity to obtain a law degree, defrauding them of their federal loans, while giving law degrees to those affiliated with State and federal agencies. The litigation in the state of Michigan established the legitimacy of the harm caused by the retaliatory electronic aggression, and my mental stability. This case occurred when former Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court Thomas E. Brennan and several former Cooley graduates, now members of the judiciary, were operating this fraudulent scheme, and at the time John Brennan was heading the CIA's Counter Terrorism Center (1997). Jesus Mendoza Maldonado v. The Thomas M. Cooley Law School, et al, W. Dist. MI., Case No. 5: 01cv93, (2003). (After his retirement, John Brennan denounced the Department of Defense use of military technology for domestic surveillance as a major mistake, "Military Taking Bigger Spying Role in War on Terrorism", San Antonio Express-News at 3A March 8, 2006).I filed a law suit against the US Attorney General to stop the electronic aggression after I saw two of my children with convulsions and seizures while radiation detectors were showing high intensities of radiation in our home. (Maldonado v Ashcroft, Case No. M 03-038. US District Judge Ricardo H. Hinojosa assigned Judge Ramos to the case. Judge Ramos recused herself in response to evidence of her judicial misconduct to benefit those engaged in fraud of federal funds and retaliation. US District Judge Ricardo H. Hinojosa reassigned Judge Ramos to the case. On a hearing before Judge Ramos, my wife testified to the pain and suffering caused on myself and on my children by high intensities of directed radiation inside our home. Judge Ramos altered the testimony of my wife to discredit evidence of electronic aggression and to imply that I am delusional. Judge Hinojosa disregarded the evidence of alteration of testimony by Judge Ramos and dismissed the case. (According the Dr. Jerry Polinard, a government professor, Judge Hinojosa former President Bush first choice for nomination to the US Supreme Court. Subsequently, President George W. Bush appointed Judge Hinojosa to head the US Sentencing Commission).At no time the US Attorney General has opposed the evidence of judicial misconduct by Judge Hinojosa and Judge Ramos. (Maldonado v Ashcroft, Case No. M 03-038, audiotape of hearing, Docket No. 29, Docket No. 32, at five, Statement of Evidence, Docket No. 40).During the litigation of this case, the US Attorney General did not oppose an affidavit of a former government agent who was sent to the emergency room with internal bleeding every time he offered to testify in court to the legitimacy of my claims of electronic aggression. During the litigation of this cases, the US Attorney General did not oppose evidence showing that three federal agents (Mark Miller, Michael Rodriguez, and Jeffrey Schrimer, who identified themselves to the principal of the school as FBI agents) engaged in harassment at my work place, a day I attempted to file a criminal complaint against those engaged in fraud of federal funds and retaliation. During the litigation of this case, David L. Guerra, counsel of record for the US Attorney General acknowledged my mental stability, and claimed that the use of ionizing radiation (x- and gamma rays) for surveillance of residences is legal. Jesus Mendoza Maldonado v John Ashcroft, (S. D. Tex.) Case No. M 03-38. (Please See Exhibit "1" which illustrates the harm caused on myself and on my children by x- and gamma radiation).During the litigation of this case, it was introduced unopposed into the record, video tape evidence of the pain and suffering caused on myself and on my children while detection equipment indicated an electronic aggression. During the litigation of this case it was established that federal agencies are using harmful satellite radiation technologies which are otherwise reserved for national security and the military to direct radiation into residences. The Court of Appeals recognized my electrical sensitivity the harm caused by the electronic aggression. However, the court declined to address the judicial misconduct of Judge Hinojosa and Judge Ramos. US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Case No. 04-40095, Jesus Mendoza Maldonado v Alberto R. Gonzales, U.S. S. Ct., Case No. 04-9908, (2005).Judge Ramos and Judge Hinojosa declined an invitation by the Fifth Court of Appeals to engage the evidence of their judicial misconduct. The Chief Judge of the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit dismissed the Complaint of judicial misconduct. Judicial Misconduct Complaints Nos. 04-05-372-0089 and 90.The radiation aggression divested my immune system of the ability to tolerate environmental radiation. Exposure to radiation emitted by power lines, flourescent lights, video display terminals, air conditioning motors, cellular telephones, etc., causes me among other things, swelling of vital organs, internal bleeding, breathing problems, loss of concentration and speech impairment. My ability to work, to be inside buildings and to travel are substantially impaired. I have been critically ill several times, I am in pain all the time. An Administrative Law Judge for the Social Security Administration found my electrical sensitivity, a severe impairment. However, the Judge denied my applications for disability benefits.On a hearing before US Magistrate Judge Peter E. Ormsby on November 21, 2005, counsel for the Social Security Administration did not oppose evidence of their false statements on a motion for summary judgement. Judge Ormsby expressed his sympathy for my situation and implied that a favorable recommendation was forthcoming. During the year 2006, the Clerk of the district court claimed that a Report and Recommendation had been issued but had not been entered, and then claimed that a Recommendation had not been issued. The case is now before US District Judge Ricardo H. Hinojosa. (Jesus Mendoza Maldonado v The Social Security Administration, US Dist. Ct. S. Dist of TX., Mcallen Division, Case No. M-05-133).While my wife was absent, I was involuntarily committed to a state hospital after my mother acted on the misbelief that I was neglecting medical care and on the misbelief that a State hospital could treat electrical sensitivities. During the mental evaluation I submitted to Dr. David moron, medical documentation of the legitimacy of my condition and legal documentation showing how this injury was caused b overexposure to radiation. Dr. Moron claimed that he was not familiar with injuries caused by radiation and promised a release as soon he verified the fact that a case was pending on the US Supreme Court. The next day, Dr. Cannelus Caralampus a doctor familiar with electrical sensitivities evaluated my mental condition finding that the only problem I had was the difficulty f explaining to others that I am sensitive to environmental radiation. The medical records released by Dr. Moron claim that I have delusions of persecutions and does not include the findings of Dr. Caralampus. During my efforts to obtain rehabilitation services, agents of the Texas Dept. of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services excluded medical and legal document of the legitimacy of my disability and mental stability to deny rehabilitation services and to blame my condition to a mental problem. On a hearing before US District Judge Randy Crane, I introduced documents that had been excluded by the defendants form the administrative record including a decision of the Social Security Administration finding my electromagnetic sensitivity a severe impairment, pictures of the swelling caused on my face when exposed to radiation, and a document in which the President of the World Health Organization declares her sensitivity to environmental radiation. The defendants did not oppose the evidence or their wrongdoing. Judge Crane adopted defendants' statements which falsity can be verified by the record itself to imply that I am delusional and to dismiss the case.In response to a proper motion to recuse, Judge Crane did not deny his judicial misconduct, claiming instead that those without an attorney are not entitled to an impartial judge, abrogating well established constitutional protections. (Jesus Mendoza v Dr. David Moron, et al, US District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Mcallen Division, Case No. 7 05-CV-184).The University of Texas Pan American terminated my access to research on its library after I filed the case against Dr. Moron and the Texas Dept. of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services. Judge Randy Crane dismissed the case claiming in essence that those who do not receive Social Security disability benefits are not entitled to disability accommodations on public places, abrogating well established federal and state disability laws. Judge Crane lifted procedural obstacles to appeal the case after I sought Congressional help. (Jesus Mendoza v. The University of Texas Pan-American, US Dist. Ct. S. Dist. of TX., Case No. M-05-408).We have been victims of organized staking, including road harassment and attempts to run over myself and my children. Organized stalking is a copycat of harassment used in communist countries against those who oppose injustice. Electronic aggressions and organized stalking are part of the system to retaliate against those who complain of injustice. Organized stalking includes high speed road harassment and a pervasive monitoring of the target on public places to overload the senses of the target to cause harm in a way that appears natural, accidental or self inflicted. Most victims of electronic aggression are also victims of organized stalking. Hate groups in this area organize the local stalking groups. They fuel support and participation from neighbors, congregations, and even from border line mentally retarded individuals, by circulating false rumors that the target is mentally insane, child molester, drug dealer, a prostitute, homosexual, spy, terrorist, etc. On some cases, members are told they are helping police in conducting a secret investigation. On some cases, as payment for passing information, they receive gas, pizza, drugs, and even sexual favors. People from all walks of life, from the homeless to professional people, compose these groups. Members of these groups are found on the courts, universities, hospitals, the clergy and even on police departments. These groups may be responsible for causing many of the fatalities in this area.The gang stalking intensified after I brought claims of judicial misconduct against Judge Ramos and against Judge Hinojosa. Some of the identified culprits include a self proclaimed apostle of a non-Christian- faith- funded congregation, a high school teacher, the wife of a high school teacher, and a pilot of a local bank. Without a hearing and despite of defendants' admissions and incriminating evidence, US District Judge Lynn N. Hughes, dismissed the case. Maldonado v Lindquist, et al, US District Court Southern District of Texas, Houston Division, Case N0. H-05-97.In response to complaints of electronic aggression and organized stalking, and after examination of evidence, an investigator for the City of Mission police department concluded that our home had been the subject of an electronic aggression. Another investigator claimed that the local office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation had directed him no to intervene because of an ongoing investigation of my activities by the Central Intelligence Agency.Based on these facts, and on the facts established by federal litigation, a law suit was filed in federal court in Washington, D.C. The law suit sought an Order to compel the Defendants to cease and desist from using radiation surveillance during any investigation of my activities. Without a hearing, and without allowing the Defendants to respond, US District Judge Richard W. Roberts, dismissed the Complaint as delusional or fantastic.On November 21, 2006, Ginsburg, Chief Judge, and Randolph and Tatel, Circuit Judges denied the Petition for Rehearing. The same day, Ginsburg Chief Judge, and Sentelle, Henderson, Randolph, Rogers, Tatel, Garland, Brown, and Kavanaugh, denied the Petition for Rehearing in Banc. On June 21, of 2007, the US Supreme Court declined to get involved in the case. Jesus Mendoza Maldonado v Keith Alexander, in his official capacity as director of the National Security Agency, Michael Hayden, in his official capacity as Director of the Central intelligence Agency, and George W. Bush in his official capacity as President of the United states of America, US Court Supreme Court, Case No. 06-9569.The following provides scientific information about harmful satellite tracking and surveillance used on Americans by this Administration."Some Aspects of Electromagnetic Weapons," Synopsis prepared for the International Committee of the Red Cross Symposium, by David Guyatt, (1996) Guyatt describes how harmful satellite technologies reserved for the military are used for surveillance and testing; John Fleming, "The Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance" Fleming describes how satellite laser technologies are in use to retrieve on a video screen, activities behind walls and even moving vehicles; Patrick Korody, "Satellite Surveillance within US Borders," 65 Ohio St. L. J. 1627, (2004), Korody describes how satellites bounce radiation from individuals to retrieve activity on a video screen; ; Mark G. Young, "What Eyes and Ears You Have!: A New Regime for Covert Government Surveillance," 70 Fordham L. Rev. 1017, (2001), Young describes how radiation surveillance technology can track an individual even among a crowd of thousands of people; Christopher Slobogin, "Symposium Crime and Technology: Article: Technologically-Assisted Physical Surveillance: The American Bar Association Tentative Draft Standards," 10 Har. J. Law & Tec 383, (1997), Slobogin describes the urgent need to regulate radiation surveillance to prevent abuse and harm to the targets. Lieutenant Colonel James C. Duncan, "A Primer on the Employment of Non-Lethal Weapons," 45 Naval L. R. 1(1998); Col. Duncan advocates a more open training of radiation surveillance in order to train more commanders in the use of directed radiation to attack or enhance human frailties and functions.On January of 2007, in response to China's satellite target practice, the media explained how this Administration is using hundreds of military low orbiting killer satellites equipped with lasers and other harmful technologies to spy on Americans.In response to China's satellite target practice, Mansour O. El-Kikhia, describes how this Administration is using hundreds of military low orbiting killer satellites equipped with lasers and other harmful technologies to spy on Americans. "U.S. must Get on Track to Keep Peace on Heart," (San Antonio Express-News at 7B, January 26, 2007).The State of Michigan provides life without parol to murder by electronic aggression, (State of Michigan 92ND Legislature Regular Session of 2003, Enrolled House Bill No. 4513), while Chapter 170 of the Acts of 2004 on the State of Massachusetts provides two years imprisonment to simple possession of an electronic weapon. However, these protections do not apply to directed radiation by satellite into households for eavesdropping or research.Victims of electronic aggression have gathered in Houston, Texas and in Washington, D.C., to protest against the electronic torture. Victims from around the country and from this area can testify to the misery caused by an electronic aggression.The retaliation intensifies with the my efforts to stop this aggression. On February 20, 2007, a day before the filing of the case in the US Supreme Court, the swelling on the face of my three children increased, and my seven year old daughter suffered vomiting and diarrhea. My seven year old has been found with swelling, heart abnormalcies and speech problems, my five year old son has concentration problems, and appears disoriented, my two year old daughter suffers of inability to move fingers, and has grown a tumor on her foot. My children complain of pain when they spend time with me. Exhibit"1" is conclusive evidence of an electronic aggression in progress.This is not fantasy or delusion. The facts stated in this document can be verified by the federal record itself. There is hardly anything more important that sending this documents to your legislators for an explanation in writing to this case. Ask your legislators what they plan to do about electronic and gang harassment. Do not allow apathy, skepticism, or indifference take away what we treasure the most. Please share this information with others, so they can do the same. This in turn can spare lives, pain and suffering to innocent children. Every day we live this torture. Please remember us on your prayers.________________________________Jesus Mendoza, 2202 E. 28th. St. Mission, Texas, 78574,Tel. 956/ 519-7140.


  1. May God be a mighty shield and protection for you Jesus ,and your family ,and for all who are suffering in this way !Also ,electromagnetic shielding experts should be helping more-where are they ? You are in my prayers ...keep the faith .And may God bless you .

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  3. Mr. Maldonado,
    You and I have a commonality. I, too, am a victim of the USA Covert government sponsored Electronic/Vigilante Stalkers.
    I discovered this in 1999 and I have been a proponent for exposing this to the highest level.
    I have a fb page , Jewell Lee Gaston-Mauldin. Please read it.